Season 1

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List of Season 1 Episodes

Below is the list of episodes from the 1st season of Castle.  Please browse. :)


Flowers for Your Grave

Author Richard Castle joins NYC Detective Kate Beckett to help solve the case of a serial killer who is reenacting murders from Castle's novels.

Nanny McDead

Castle and Beckett's first case together is to solve the mystery of the death of a young nanny inside a laundry room.

Hedge Fund Homeboys

Castle and Beckett investigate the case of a rich teenager found dead of a gunshot wound in a boat in Central Park lake.

Hell Hath No Fury

Castle and Beckett investigate the death of an NYC councilman who was running for re-election.

A Chill Goes Through Her Veins

A woman's frozen body is found at a construction site leading Beckett and Castle to reopen a cold case; the gruesome investigation stirs old memories from Beckett's past.

Always Buy Retail

Beckett and Castle enter the world of Vodun to investigate a murder and find out the suspect is looking for forged travel papers hidden in a counterfeit bag sold to an unsuspecting woman.

Home is Where the Heart Stops

To investigate the murder and robbery of a rich socialite, Beckett poses as Castle's date to a charity ball.


A crime journalist helps Beckett and Castle in the investigation of a woman who drowned in a bathtub full of motor oil in a seedy motel.

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